A Guide to the World of Batty Old Bids

Greetings to anyone unlikely enough to have entered the portal into the land where grey matter is disappearing as grey hair emerges. In this, the year I become 60, and in the spirit of New Year and resolutions I have finally overcome procrastination, breached the wall of complicated, new-fangled, confusing technology and set up a blog.

Getting started has not been without its difficulties and I admit to having succumbed to soliciting help from offspring, which leads me towards the content of this new venture. As one who is making the transition from middle to old[er] age, who has retired and is venturing haltingly into the wondrous and almost impenetrable career of writing I hope to become more disciplined by writing regular snippets.

What will the snippets be about? They will describe the view from this side of life’s mountain-where it descends the slope into the valley of old age. I’m hoping I can keep going even when I’ve forgotten my name, but I promise not to regress to a catalogue of complaints and hypochondria, ‘grumpy old woman’ style. That’s it! See you next time!

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