Give all you like…Just don’t keep telling me!

                I am sorry to be banging on about Facebook yet again, but whilst I have no wish to leave it [yet] there are elements that I do find irritating and the particular issue I’m tired of this week is pleas for sponsorship.

               OK. This makes me sound humbug enough to get haunted by ghosts dragging chains, I know. I should be reading all these stories of children with wasting diseases, mums who’ve died of cancer, heroes who’ve fought for queen and country and had bits blown off, poor, emaciated donkeys and the deprived local tennis club with tears in my eyes and then rushing to dig out my credit card immediately. I should revere those who are selflessly walking, swimming, jogging, knitting, singing or cycling their way to £10.50 or whatever their target figure is and should be thoroughly ashamed not to be following their shining example or even accompanying them in their respective crusades. Shame on me!

                 But actually, where charities are concerned, to me it is personal. I am not averse to inserting some loose change into the occasional collecting tin, provided the cause is worthy in my eyes, but on the whole I want the choice. I want to choose who I donate to, when I donate and how much. I don’t want to be reminded on a daily basis that this or that FB acquaintance is of such a saintly disposition they are giving of their time for such a selfless act whereas I am content to slob around at home heedless of the plight of such victims as they have elected to support.

                   It seems to me that those of us who are lucky and privileged enough to have been born and brought up in a relatively wealthy western civilisation are the lucky ones. We inhabit a country with a moderately stable climate [alright-it did go a bit pear shaped this winter], we can be provided with enough to get basic provisions, however impoverished we may feel ourselves to be. If our health is threatened we have access to some [admittedly marginal] health care. The authorities can provide some fundamental shelter, if it becomes necessary. This safety net is not available to vast numbers of people in the world; people who live in countries racked by drought, floods, famine or wars. We will never find ourselves stranded in a desert with starving, diseased children and nothing but grass or leaves to eat. We will never have to walk ten miles for some water.

                 This is what makes me averse to donating to the redundant donkeys’ homer, Helicopter rescue or Save the Allotments, although I am in favour of taxation to fund overseas development.

                  I do have my favourites! Oxfam, for one. The charity I do like to support, through a regular  standing order from my bank account, is Wateraid. Because I cannot think of anything more important than the provision of clean, safe water, vital to life itself. But I don’t want to swim, sing, dress up or walk…I’ll just donate, thanks!

4 thoughts on “Give all you like…Just don’t keep telling me!

  1. I was just thinking of something along the lines of yourpost. Recently someone in the family died and instead of flowers they had requested donating to the MS Foundation. So, I donated. Similar reason to the Lung Association.
    I don’t mind donating to a charity in lieu of flowers. What I do mind is that once I’ve donated to these charities I am constantly solicited to donate more. They mail me packages of greeting cards and stickers with my name and address on them, note tablets and pencils. I don’t want any of that. Further, these are not the foundations which I donate to. Mine is cancer research, particularly leukemia and food banks.
    These other foundations are a pain to me and they certainly make me think twice to donate to some charity in lieu of flowers.
    Thanks for allowing me the space to rant, Grace.
    Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend. 🙂

    • Ranting is fine by me!! I get the same stuff in packages-so I take out the pens and throw the rest away-they shouldn’t send it in the first place!
      I am enjoying the weekend, although the rain could go somewhere else now, please! 😉

  2. Yes indeed, much money and time can be spent organising an ‘amazing expedition – climb/ cycle/ run/swim/paddle’ – if these people are so tough and adventurous why don’t they go and live somewhere dreadful and dangerous and help the locals directly – which is what Medecine sans Frontiers and similar groups do, these people on the ground do not have the time or the access to Facebook!

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