Losing One’s Grip-a Tragic Tale of Geriatric Technological Failing

This is the fifth time I have begun this post. The first time I managed a paragraph. The second time I completed more than half. I wrote another version and managed roughly a third. I began to be frustrated; enough to get out my fabled notebook and scribble a page in longhand. Maybe, I thought, I can tear out the page, roll it up and insert it into an empty beer bottle before casting it into the waves. It would be just as likely to be broadcast to the waiting world [or at least-the two or three loyal followers in Outer Mongolia].
There is always a certain element of tension involved in travelling and blogging, or there is for me. There is uncertainty over the availability of WiFi as well as the opportunity to actually write.
This time the tension has upped several notches, owing to the last minute purchase of brand new, shiny, all-singing, technologically wizarded laptop, together with an all-dancing, sophisticated, smug new version of Office.
The new laptop is a lovely thing. It is compact, light, slim, colourful. It has apps. It has a wizzo detachable screen and touch-screen facility. It can be swiped. On the screen are coloured squares bearing promising new applications that I could use. They have names like ‘Smite’ or Throwbox’. My imagination has failed to enlighten me as to what these applications might do. I do know what they CANNOT do. They cannot help me to use the laptop. I have failed miserably to get to grips with it, hence I am typing on the old, laborious, tired laptop with a battery that lasts about 10 minutes.
I typed my first version of a blog post on to the new, shiny little computer. After many attempts I had managed to save some gobbledegook the previous evening. I saved the draft of the post. I named it. I looked into the documents. Phew! It was there. I opened it. The page, reader was a pristine, blank rectangle. It stared back at me. ‘I’ll teach you to write on me’ it seemed to say. It was still called by the name I gave it, this blank page, but every word had vanished, whisked away in some mysterious piece of alchemy wrought by the new, tiny, shiny little laptop. After the fourth time I wanted to pick up the little thing and swing it round and round by its keyboard before smashing it into minute particles against the nearest tree. Of course, this is not an option, owing to the fact that this exotic piece of kit is actually a birthday gift from Husband…
I became dogged then. I will teach it, I thought. I am the master, not this smug little machine. I typed the post again, this time inserting a memory stick into the USB port and saving the post onto the stick. ‘Huh!’ I said. ‘Take that!’
Next day I placed the stick into the weary old computer, mindful of the tricks the little one could play. I located the removable disc, found the document. Hooray! I opened it. The page was blank…
It is war! For now, I am regrouping with the old, worn-out laptop. I have retired to tend to wounds. When I have recovered I may just have another go. Until then the lovely little laptop resides in its bag, no doubt scheming more mischief to drive me mad!

8 thoughts on “Losing One’s Grip-a Tragic Tale of Geriatric Technological Failing

  1. Oh, sadly I can relate to many of these issues. I had to succumb finally to a newer laptop. I cursed it for weeks, but we have finally managed to become friends (most of the time). There were many times I wrote a blog, only for it to vanish into thin air. Now I only write them first and then post, I can’t deal with the chance of losing my work yet again. 🙂

  2. I know that i should upgrade my computer but I keep staling simply because I cringe at the idea of having to go through the learning curve time frame that goes with learning new technology.
    But, if your persistent, I’ve heard, it doesn’t take long before you’ll be saying, “I don’t know how I ever got along without this new computer!” 🙂

  3. I’m afraid you have no choice but to threaten to throw it in the English Channel if it is not cooperating by the time you set off to return! Cyberspouse tricked me into transferring all my documents from old lap top donated by trustworthy friend onto ‘new’ lap top purchased from shady character at work. He then deleted all from old lap top so he could play with it. I have never been able to access the documents since, lucky i put them on a memory stick.

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