Blogathon Part 2-Meet the Author

For Blogathon Part 2 I’d like to introduce writer, Janet Gogerty. Living in the South of England, Janet writes about quintessentially English characters and places. Her short stories are often stamped with her own particular brand of wry humour.
Janet has published three novels and two anthologies on Amazon Kindle. She has also won prizes for short stories and had them published on paper, on line and the lates in Audio Arcadia Volume One. She has a blog ‘Sandscript’ on Goodreads.

This is Janet in her own words

This is Janet in her own words


Janet’s novel, ‘Quarter Acre Block’ [available on Amazon UK] concerns the lives of a family of ‘ten quid poms’ as they pack up their UK life and set off to make a new one in Australia. Janet has drawn on her own experiences for this story, which evokes a strong atmosphere of the sixties and is compelling reading for anyone who was a child of that time.

Available from Amazon

Available from Amazon

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